Hand generator DIY kit, Hand DC dynamo Robot, electronic DIY kit

  • $12.00

  • Item type: Hand generator DIY toy
  • Model Number: GDEB0090A1
  • Operating Temperature: 0 Celsius ~ 50 Celsius
  • Usage: Toy
1. Model description.

We use this science equipment kit assembled a small power supply system, Shake gear mechanism then power passed to a generator to produce electricity generator and it can light up an LED light-emitting diodes.

2. Note
Pay attention to these things before production:
1>.Open package carefully, do not lose screws and small parts.
2>.Use sharp tool avoid scratches.
3>.Don't take tools play with each other
4>.Listen to the teacher explained, according to the steps
5>.Must be good at discover problems, and puts forward problems
6>.Check component.

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